First Man, Then it, Then slave

Being a slave to a Mistress is not a step down from being a man. In My room a man has no status and no entitlement to any reward. he must earn everything, beginning with My attention. I strip his personality and remove the perceived attributes linked to masculinity.

I make him neuter.  it.

Old behaviors must be shed. My rules and corrections will lead to self corrections; an entirely new way of thinking and behaving.

'it' is smooth, blank and malleable. Spending time on the floor, it becomes familiar with the pattern of the tiles and the soles of my heels, which it watches from a distance. it will develop a deep comfort in the place below. A primordial being that slithers before it can crawl. 

Progress. it has learned to crawl. it crawls to Me. 

To earn the title of slave, to earn the privilege of touching My feet and receiving a smile of approval can only happen when it has been fully modified. Only death of the ego and an understanding of its purpose filling every corner of its soul can evoke the transition.

One day I tell it to kneel before Me. The supple collar is placed around its neck. it feels unworthy. but it knows I know best. I tell it to look at Me. it has a difficult time doing so but finally it connects with My eyes. "slave," I utter quietly.

slave weeps. a new epoch begins.