Dominance comes naturally to Me.

People have been giving themselves over to Me for a very long time.

I'm great with power, and power exchange with psychological control is what I love most.

I also enjoy a lot of other things. I love secrets. I love unique moments. I love sharing fantasies.

I love facilitating experiences for sincere submissives, masochists, fetishists and weirdos. Weird is good.

As a Dominatrix in NYC for over a decade and a lifestyle player for even longer, I have a lot of experience.

I bring My genuine self to My sessions and I expect the same of My playmates.

My Favorite things are:

Restrictive & Predicament Bondage/ Immobilization


Behavior Modification/Reprogamming

Corporal Punishment of all Varieties

Pain Giving - mild to heavy

Cathartic Pain

Latex Fetish/worship


Slut Training


Shoe & Boot Worship

Sensory Deprivation/Overload


Be the next to fall for Me.

© 2023 by ADAM KANT 

New York City Professional Dominatrix Mal Martine